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Consulting | Equity | Interactive Castle Equity Group is a digital media consulting, private equity and interactive development agency focused on the Consumer Internet & Digital Media industry. We help new, emerging and established companies focus their digital media efforts, access capital and grow profitably.  The firm is a  full service consulting firm providing its clients with all factors integral to business success. Idea We help entrepreneurs focus ideas into strategic business plans, and enterprises structure digital media initiatives into executable project plans. Our digital media consulting division prepares ideas for investment or development and works with entrepreneurs in all stages, from planning to execution, and with enterprises developing or redeploying their digital businesses. Invest We invest capital in new and emerging companies and ideas, partner with management, and add value through experience-based advice and resources. Our private equity investments division works with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into companies, with emerging companies looking to grow, and with enterprises wanting to leverage their intellectual property assets into digital businesses. Grow We work with entrepreneurs and enterprises to focus on where they make their money, how to make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer. Our interactive development division works with clients to design, develop and deliver their digital media initiatives, while our consulting division makes companies more valuable via corporate development, operations and marketing services. Castle Equity Group, Inc. // A Business Consulting, Private Equity and Interactive Agency focused on the Consumer Internet & Digital Media Industry

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