Unique Group Buying Website Launched in Nashville, by William Keever

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  2. June 9, 2012 1:42 am

Unique Group Buying Website Launched in Nashville, by William Keever

May 14, 2012.  Nashville, TN.  A new and very unique group buying website was launched today in the Nashville, TN market, reported William Keever, CEO of Mint Media Group (Mint Media).  In partnership with Friends That Share, Inc., Mint Media launched a brand new cutting edge website that is vastly different from traditional group buying or daily deal websites.   According to Sherman Mohr, Mint Media’s CMO, “the site is the first to offer free self-service advertising to merchants in the group buying space.  Merchants can actually enter their own special offers right on the site, choosing the offer terms and conditions, including when the offer starts, the number of vouchers offered, who can participate, etc.”  “No other daily deal type of website gives the merchants such control and access,” explained William Keever.

In addition, Friends That Share provides the merchant the option of using dynamic pricing.  Dynamic pricing provides the consumer with true group buying discounts, automatically lowering the price of the deal for all participants as more people purchase the offer.  The result is true volume discounting, unlike other group buying websites where the deal price remains constant.   Finally, Friends That Share provides consumers true cash rewards each time they share an offer with their friends; building credit balances that can be used just like cash on their next purchase.  “We are very excited about the entry of Friends That Share into the group buying digital space,” said Keever, ”we believe it is truly the best advertising option for local merchants that want a no risk alternative to advertising their products or services on the internet.

Mint Media Group, Inc. is a full service marketing and advertising company offering a comprehensive array of print and digital advertising solutions.  Friends That Share, Inc. is a digital advertising company providing group buying and other digital advertising solutions to local advertisers.  If you would like to be a part of Friends That Share, either as a merchant or area licensee, contact Friends That Share at info@friendsthatshare.com, or call 800-959-3934.

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